A Walkabout For Birds 1

This post has been re-posted from the previous birdfarer.com site, it was originally posted in August 2010.

I have planned a sponsored solo walk this autumn from RSPB Frampton Marsh in Boston to RSPB Radipole Lake in Weymouth.  This is in aid of the Birdfair’s 2010 project ‘Saving Southern Ethiopia’s Endemic Birds’, for which I hope to raise £1000.  Bird Watching magazine have asked me to write an article about my walk, and as a conclusion I am going to go to Ethiopia early next year and hopefully be able to show Bird Watching’s readers (and by extension Birdfair-goers!) how some of the funds they helped raise are being put to such valuable use.

I have practiced long-distance walking for some weeks now around the towpaths and lanes of North Warwickshire, and have perfected a system.  When I first tried this out a few weeks ago covering the distance was no trouble, no fatigue, no blisters, it seemed like it was going to be a breeze.  The next day my metabolism went on strike though, I had succumbed to dehydration, or hyponatremia (excessive salt loss) or both!  The latter puts people in hospital apparently if they guzzle too much water and don’t replace the salts too, they make the problem worse.  It was a weird feeling that lasted all day, I felt like my body had got up but my mind had stayed in bed, a bit like in Avatar (though thankfully I hadn’t gone blue and grown a tail!)  So here is a world exclusive, the revelation of my patent anti-hyponnatremia diet:

Breakfast –            Muesli.  1 bag of crisps.  1 litre of water.

Break 1 –            Cyclone snack bar.  500ml of water. 1 Dioralyte

Lunch –            Peanut butter sandwich.  1 bag of crisps.  1 banana.  500ml of water.

Break 2 –             Cyclone snack bar.  500ml of water.  1 Dioralyte.

Post Walk –            Recovermax drink.

Evening Meal –        Cooked pub grub!

The Cyclone bars are what bodybuilders use and the Recovermax is what cyclists swig after a race, both from Holland & Barretts.  The Dioralyte was my idea, and several people have recommended the crisps.  So although peanut butter ennui may set in at least I should avoid a repeat of the body-mind separation episode!  I guess its a bit spartan but will be light to carry and big meals in the day are to be avoided by all accounts.  I get the feeling though that if the chef isn’t swift with my meal each evening I might have chomped down the cork table mat in the meantime!


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