Exciting Times For Birdfarers

I have revamped the whole Birdfarers concept, transferring the whole thing from Streamline to here.  After much frustration with Streamline.net where my domain name birdfarer.com is registered I have decided to discontinue hosting it there.  I will be transferring my site brick by brick to WordPress who seem able to offer a better service for free!  The helpline staff at Streamline clearly have a different dictionary to the rest of us.  One in which the definitions given are all the antonyms.  ‘Help’ for instance in my dictionary (the humble old OED) is described as ‘providing assistance in solving problems’.  The streamline dictionary obviously defines ‘help’ as ‘causing maximum confusion through monosyllabic answers, (given with such long pauses so as to appear that the line has gone dead or the end of the world has come to pass), that have to be dragged out with all the tenacity of Torquemada’!  😉


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